WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE (Wilderness Experience) began in Chatsworth, California, USA in 1973.



Founder Jim Tomsun began his career as a dawn of outdoor gear development manufacturing and started manufacturing outdoor equipment with his younger brother Greg and brother who returned from a trip of world journey.


Wilderness EXPERIENCE = named as the experience of the wilderness after starting development based on this Greg experience.



After that, Wilderness gained broad support from outdoor freaks and contributed greatly to popularization of backpacks in Japan.
And now we pursue high quality, all manufactured in Japan.



*A little over 40 years ago Greg and Jim started Wilderness Experience. Starting in a small shop with little money the company grew, producing backpacks, jackets, sleeping bags, tents and was the first outdoor company to complete a pubic stock offering. During that period so many people were part of the adventure; employees, salesmen, climber advisers and users.We have decided to make a short documentary film about the company.