Topo Designs strives for contradiction. We are rooted in mountain culture and outdoor living, but love exploring cities and world travel. We look to proven classics for inspiration, yet take advantage of innovative technologies to ensure a timeless look with modern functionality. We are uncomplicated and utilitarian, but with a sense of design and style through simplicity. Our goal is to not have to choose a single path—we want to live on both sides of the fence, where life is always greener.

At Topo Designs, we tend to reserve the word “talent” for those magical few that have a gift for creating products that are so skillfully crafted, they end up being hard working utilitarian masterpieces. We search long and hard for talented partners to help us build our products. Whether we’re building classic packs in Colorado, insulation pieces in Canada, or technical shells in Vietnam, our partners are the most talented people on the globe.

Building products that stand the test of time and can work anywhere on your map is our goal. Fewer things, that can be combined in endless ways, to work in any environment. Whether traveling the globe or headed to the backcountry, we want to make sure everything will go out and come back in one piece, year after year. We use the highest quality fabrics, hardware and materials, and overbuild everything we make. We’ll repair or replace any Topo Designs product that may encounter an issue down the road.



One of the best parts of building products that last, is that they become a part of the people that own them. World travel companions, daily pack mules for their most prized possessions, and second skins to keep them protected from the elements. They tend to be used so much they suffer from a bit of tough love. We get that, and instead of replacing them, we want to get them nursed to health and back in action. Our repairs program is focused on creating a rehab center for those well-loved pieces, so they can stay in the family, reducing the number of pieces that are discarded for something new.


Maintain. Act. Protect.

The Topo Designs MAP Pact initiative is designed to ensure the simple concept to maintain, act, and protect our communities. Starting with who we are as employees and individuals, and how we choose to maintain our environment, we can act on responsible decisions with the materials we choose and the products we make. We want people to engage and improve their communities, natural places and spaces around where they live, so they can see an immediate change, and can easily recruit others to protect the important places on their maps.