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The third installment of the “stuff” series, where editors from various men’s fashion magazines
introduce their favorite personal belongings has been completed.
Atsushi Matsushima, editor-in-chief of “Lightning” and “CLUTCH Magazine”, and Nick Clements, editor-in-chief of British men’s fashion and culture magazine, “men’s file” has teamed up to create an exciting international-flavor issue.

The magazine features 332 pages of images from their personal wardrobes, cars, work tools, sporting goods, hobby items, and interior accessories.

They also introduce items that they’ve purchased during interviews for their respective magazines, and provide reasons for why they treasure them. All of the items featured in the magazine are actually from their own collections, which is a major reason why this series has been so well-received from fans.

The extensive history of their shopping histories are packed inside this exciting issue.

What kind of clothing do both of these men, who have a long history dealing with fashion, wear on a daily basis?
What tools do they use during their busy schedules?
Known for his love of vehicles, what car is Nick Clements currently driving?
Above all, what the hell are these two guys all about?

322 pgs, 25.7 × 18.5 cm, Softcover.



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