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▪︎ Outer Material

420 Denier Pack Cloth Nylon

▪︎ Inner Material
70 Denier Ripstop Nylon at the back of front pocket and center pocket.

▪︎ Front Pocket
<S> 16.0 cm <M> 24.5 cm <L>28.0 cm opening. #5 coil zippered. 7 cm depth allows more storage. Reliable to store your favorite things.

▪︎ Center Pocket
Flat pocket with snap closure. <S> 19 cm <M>28 cm <L> 33 cm opening. You can put something you use often because it is easy to grab it.

▪︎ Back Pocket
<S> 19 cm <M>28 cm <L> 33 cm divider pocket on the back side. <S/M> 7 cm <L> 5 cm depth can afford more storage. There is no need to open and close the pocket so you can grab what you need instant!

▪︎ Shoulder Strap
A combination of 3 mm width spindle cord and 2.5 cm width seat belt webbing tape. Cord lock allows easy adjustment of length of 74 to 128 cm longest.

▪︎ Feature
The bag has 3 compartments and you can put things according to your usage. It is possible to easily settle the bag around you so that to handle your stuff inside the bag.

<M> : Width 28.0cm x Height 17.5cm x Depth 7.0cm + 7.0cm (center of the bag)

<M> : approx.135g

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