BAG´n´NOUN (Made in Japan)




‘To be honest,I think the best bag is one that dosen’t look like a normal bag.
Even if it’s a little bit inconvenient to carry,my ideal bag is not ‘bag-like’.
I want to hold it in my hand.Iwant to hang it from my shouder.
I want to wear it on my back.In the pursuit of convenience and usability,
Ithink most bags are bland,borning and worse,
when the user’s needs change or evolve,you’re left with something that is now useless.
In the real world,that feeling of joy andexcitement
that you get when you’re holding a bag you love wins over convenience every time.




Apart from some limited special editions,
our bags are all made using Japanese canvas and nylon fabrics.We use standard,
commercially available colours,so it could be said there’s
nothing particularly special about our bags.This could not be further from the truth.
The level of quality of the domestically produced fabrics is
extremely high,and production is dependable and this is the reason
we’ll continue to source Japanese fabrics.




Right from the very first bags we produced in the beginning,
all BAG’n’NOUN produced are made in only one factory.
if the factory can’t produce a particular design,we don’tdevelop it.
if the factory can’t keep up with ordeas,then we scale back production.Everything,
from the design of the products,to the monufacturing
and the quality control is based around our productionability.
WE don’t believe in mass production and increasing sales.
This is our philosophy and we won’t change.