Tree Tents (Luminair)

EL CONCEPTO DE LA TIENDA EN UN ÁRBOL: Creado por Jason Thawley, Duncan Ritchie, y Alasdair Ritchie

galext06enlarge El concepto Carpa en el árbol es la culminación de más de 3 años de trabajo e investigación (y décadas de experiencia) en los sistemas de vivienda sostenible, las estructuras de tejido y la parte superior del árbol. Se quería desarrollar una estructura ligera y eficiente usando materiales sostenibles, reciclables, reciclados y naturales. Una estructura que pueda ser fácilmente transportada y montar en el lugar con un mínimo impacto, no permanente en su entorno. Lo que era un híbrido único de aluminio y de fuselaje de cenizas estática verde combinado con una piel de tela de algodón muy concreta adaptada 100%. casas-sostenibles-en-el-bosque

La estructura esférica es de 3 m de diámetro, el tamaño suficiente para alojar cómodamente a dos adultos. 100% de lana, en invierno gracias a los forros térmicos permiten todos los alojamientos durante todo el año, mientras estufa de leña, agua y opciones eléctricas ofrecen las comodidades adicionales.



insane-camping-8       luminair


Forests ARE our future… and to sustain this future forests need to be used for more than just harvesting timber during their lifetimes. Research, conservation, work, retreat and leisure are all important activities that can enjoyed as part of the forests cycle. To facilitate this time the Tree Tents offer a comfortable and low impact inclusion into the woodland environment at any time of year. The Tree Tent concept is a culmination of over 3 years of work and research (and decades of experience) in sustainable shelter systems, fabric structures and tree top living. We wanted to develop a lightweight and efficient structure using sustainable, recyclable, recycled and natural materials. A structure that can be easily transported and assembled on-site with minimal, non-permanent impact on its environment, What we realised was a unique, lightweight hybrid aluminium and green ash static airframe combined with an expertly tailored The spherical structure is 3m in diameter, sizable enough to comfortably accommodate two adults. 100% wool, winter thermal liners allow for all year round accommodation while wood stove, water and electric options offer the extra creature comforts. this makes them ideal for remote location and semi-permanent camps. Being off the ground is also a president in some situations too. 16oz / 455gsm rot and waterproofed 100% cotton canvas by the Lindstrand Hot Air Balloon factory, famed for their earth and space bound Technical fabric structures, airships and balloon projects. Ash frames are expertly hand crafted using locally sourced timber chosen for it good growth structure, this ensures all wooden members work together to produce a frame that will last a lifetime. The integrated aluminium sub-frame allows for a strong efficient structure and one that compliments the surrounding ash frame both aesthetically and structurally, with design ques taken from early dridgible engineering of the late 20′s.


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